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Modern Toronto apartment building with specialty wood siding on top storey

Specialty Siding Toronto

Specialty siding and cladding are types of exterior siding materials that are crafted from high-end materials and have superior qualities and aesthetic properties compared to traditional siding options like vinyl or aluminum.

Why Consider Speciality Siding?

Whether you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated or modern yet unique, we have a wide array of specialty siding solutions that will make your commercial or residential property stand apart from the rest. But that’s not all!
Main factors to consider when opting for specialty siding:

Quality Materials

We’ve partnered with the most reputable siding crafters in the GTA to bring you peace of mind knowing the highest quality of materials were used.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home or just give your home’s exterior a facelift, specialty siding is the perfect solution.

Protecting Your Home

Have you experienced issues with water damage in the past? With durable specialty siding, you can feel rest assured knowing your home is thoroughly protected.

Little Maintenance

Depending on the type of siding requested, it may require little to no maintenance. No more scrubbing away at the material. It will remain in mint condition for years to come!

Adhering To Budgets

We know budgets can be a tricky subject, but we’re an open and honest team. We will never suggest specialty siding materials that go over your set budget. Better yet, you’ll never be surprised with unexpected costs before, during or after the installation process. We respect each budget presented to us and can help you find the perfect siding materials for your specific needs and goals.
Entryway of Toronto building with ladder against concrete wall

We specialize in the installation of the following specialty siding materials:

Exterior of Toronto building with black architectural aluminum siding
Architectural Aluminum
Rooftop of three-bedroom Toronto home with beige cellular pvc siding
Cellular PVC
Tall Toronto home with specialty wood siding
Close-up of Toronto home with grey fiber cement siding on second storey
Fiber Cement
Modest country home with blue-grey steel siding
Metal (Steel)
Luxurious two-storey Toronto home & garage with peach aluminum siding

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