Siding Contractor in Toronto, ON


When Toronto, Ontario finds themselves in need of a siding contractor, they come to us. That’s because our team of licensed and experienced professionals can take care of any concerns that may arise before they have a chance to become larger problems. We are licensed, insured and ready to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will have access to the top materials, at a price that you can afford.

Home Exterior Siding Services

It can be tempting to put off these types of services or look to handle them on your own. That’s why forward-thinking clients will contact us first. We are more than happy to outline all of the advantages that we can provide, making this decision a true no-brainer. It does not matter if you are looking to improve the durability of your siding or enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal. We have an innate ability to identify any changes that need to be made, whether you are tired of increasing energy bills or you require siding that decreases the amount of regular maintenance needed.

Aluminum Siding

We know the importance of choosing the right aluminum siding and providing Toronto homeowners with the necessary access to top-of-the-line manufacturers. Dizal and Longboard are the main brands that are provided here, as we offer the necessary assistance for any homeowner that has grown weary of durability related concerns. Our experts also understand the importance of maintaining the proper aesthetic appeal. That’s why we have so many color options and finishes for our clients to choose from. You are also able to enjoy the advantages that are associated with architectural-grade aluminum siding panels. Let us know more about your objectives so that we can align with the best options possible.

Metal Siding

When it comes to durability, there are few options that can match the toughness of metal siding. Every residence has different concerns, and we look to provide our clients with all of the proper background information. The metal siding that we will help clients to select is designed to assist them with all short-term concerns, in addition to the long-term. All of the cumbersome replacement concerns fall by the wayside and our metal siding will help clients weather those tough Toronto winters.

Steel Siding

We understand how challenging it can be to find the right steel siding. We take the time to sit down with each client and explain the pros and cons of each choice. The increased durability and energy efficiency that steel siding has to offer is well worth taking a closer look at. The cracking, melting and rotting that takes place with other options is not a concern when steel siding has been installed. Give us the chance to show you what steel siding can do for your residence.

Wood Siding

Looking for cedar wood siding that offers aesthetic appeal and durability? Our team of professionals is more than happy to help. Our wood siding comes in a wide range of color schemes and is only sourced from top-notch manufacturers. We also aim to align clients with the proper wood siding that can be matched with a plethora of different color/design motifs.

A modern finish and top-notch craftsmanship are just a few of the advantages that our wooden siding has to offer. Your home has never looked so elegant! Our engineered hardwood and cedar siding delivers the proper warmth, allowing Toronto homeowners to take full advantage of all the latest siding advancements.

cement siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding has rapidly grown in popularity, owing to the unique experience it has to offer. Made from silica sand and other quality components, our fiber cement siding is sourced from top manufacturers like James Hardie and Allura. This lets our clients rest easy, with the knowledge that they are receiving the very best siding that the market has to offer. Durability, strength and resistance are always of the utmost importance and fiber cement siding will never let you down in these regards. Avoiding certain wooden siding pitfalls is also crucial to those who want a similar look. Best of all, it is not combustible and remains resistant to maintenance, weather and pest-related issues.

Professional Paid Consultations

Our clients always have the option to schedule professional paid consultations when they have additional questions to ask. We are here to help you make sense of all your options, giving you the tools that you need to make the right decision. Contact our team of experts when you are ready to get started. We have seen it all throughout the course of our time working in the Toronto area, so don’t be shy with your questions. Guesswork is a thing of the past when you work with us.


1. What is the highest quality siding?

Toronto’s homeowners in search of the highest quality siding must take the time to consider their own personal objectives. With brick, fiber cement, metal, wood and vinyl siding options available, it behooves to take a moment to speak with professionals. Our team will always align our clients with the siding option that makes the most sense for their home’s needs.

2. What is the best exterior material for a house?

Toronto residents in search of the top exterior material for a residence may struggle since there is no set answer to this question. That’s where our experts come in handy. They’ll help you to navigate the three different choices that you are going to have to choose from. The pros and cons of fiber cement, wood or stucco are all explained thoroughly when you speak with our team, giving homeowners the tools that they need to make the best choice possible.

3. What siding is the most durable and low maintenance?

Of course, durability and low maintenance are primary goals for all Toronto homeowners. This is why we typically recommend fiber cement siding. Cement, cellulose fibers and sand are mixed together, providing you with the strength and durability that your home truly deserves. You do not have to spend the same amount of time on maintenance concerns, either, allowing you to redirect your energies to other aspects of property maintenance.

4. What is the new trend for siding?

We know how important it is for Toronto homeowners to remain up-to-date on current trends. That’s why we remain on the cutting edge at all times, whether we are discussing fiber cement siding, vertical vinyl siding or the new and interesting color schemes that have started to pop up more frequently. The trendiest environmentally friendly options are discussed at length, as well as the newest mixing and matching options that are becoming more popular. We can also explain the reasons why more Toronto homeowners look to extending interior designs to the residence’s exterior.

Need a Siding Contractor in Toronto, Ontario?

When Toronto clients are in need of an experienced siding contractor, they come to us. We provide you with the necessary peace of mind and place you in the best possible hands. Our top-notch professionals are licensed and insured and have all of the background information that you need. Each and every siding option is explained, and we do not skip any step of the process. No corners are cut, but we will handle any concern or question that you have as rapidly as possible. Give us a call or stop by as soon as you are ready to begin!