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Siding installations in Scarborough, Ontario should always be handled by experts. Clients who rely on professionals will receive the type of quality assurance that they are not going to receive elsewhere. Our team is licensed, insured and able to handle any questions that come our way. High-quality results can be had without the usual hassles and top-notch materials are provided without breaking your budget.

Home Exterior Siding Services

By relying on us to handle your home exterior siding services, you are able to enjoy a number of advantages. For starters, the immediate improvements to the home’s aesthetic appeal are hard to ignore. With our team’s help, you are aligned with the changes that you need, within as timely of a manner as possible. We will also help you to boost your energy efficiency and decrease the level of maintenance that takes place over the course of time.

Aluminum Siding

The aluminum siding that we have to offer gives Scarborough homeowners the chance to fulfill multiple objectives. Our heavy-duty siding delivers the necessary durability, ensuring a finished product that lasts for a much longer period of time. This durability does not come at the expense of the aluminum siding’s aesthetic appeal, either.

The craftsmanship that is on display here is top-of-the-line and homeowners are given the chance to choose between a wide range of finishes and color options. We are partnered with top aluminum brands Longboard and Dizal, so there are no basic choices here. If you have any further questions about these brands and how we can assist you, please feel free to ask. Our architectural-grade aluminum siding panels offer a plethora of different advantages.

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Metal Siding

The durability that metal siding has to offer is appealing to many Scarborough clients and we pride ourselves on aligning you with the top option for your particular residence. We will walk you through all of the pros, so that you are making the best choice for today and tomorrow. Metal siding is much easier to maintain than other options and keeps homeowners from having to schedule regular replacements. The regional climate demands smart choices of this nature, as metal siding is able to withstand more extreme temperature changes and the rigors of Canadian winters.

Steel Siding

When it comes time to make the right steel siding decisions, we have professional advice that will allow you to make the most informed choice possible. It all starts by laying out all of the options for each client. We know that this is not a one size fits all type of choice. If you choose the proper steel siding, you can avoid the usual pitfalls for decades at a time. A long-term investment of this magnitude needs to be considered thoroughly so that Scarborough clients can reap all of the benefits associated with steel siding.

Wood Siding

The cedar wood siding that we have available is as strong as it is durable. Our colorful wood siding fits a number of different home decor motifs and has been sourced directly from the top manufacturers. We allow our clients to achieve all of their objectives. After all, clients should never have to choose between wooden siding with a modern finish or wooden siding with high-quality craftsmanship. Several textures and colors are available, delivering the sort of elegance and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else. Engineered hardwood and cedar siding are on hand. Ask our team about the latest advancements and the best choices for your residence.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is constructed from silica sand, providing various benefits for a number of different buildings. Our fiber cement materials are sourced from top brands, such as Allura and James Hardie. The resistance, strength and durability that this siding provides is well worth a closer look. If you would like to avoid the downfalls that are associated with wood, while maintaining a similar look, fiber cement is one of the best choices to make. This material is noncombustible and resistant to termites and weather concerns. Maintenance is also minimal.

Professional Paid Consultations

With our professional paid consultations, it has never been easier to sort through all of the issues and questions that will pop up during this decision-making process. Our team of experts can handle any siding-related problems that come our way because we have assisted numerous clients in the Scarborough region. There is no problem that is too big or too small for us to deal with. Take the time to schedule a professional paid consultation and learn everything that you need to know.
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1. What is the highest quality siding?

There is no one set answer here. Clients can choose between brick, fiber cement, metal, wood and vinyl siding when it comes time to make this decision. Our team of experts will ask all of the right questions and provide clients with all of the background information needed to make the best decision for the specific structure in question.

2. What is the best exterior material for a house?

For Scarborough residents, finding the right exterior material for their home could become a major challenge. Again, this is a question that does not have one set answer. As far as exterior materials are concerned, there are three different choices that our team of experts will be more than happy to provide assistance with. Fiber cement, wood and stucco are all suited for different homes. Once we have had the chance to speak with each client individually, we are able to align them with the best choice for their needs.

3. What siding is the most durable and low maintenance?

Homeowners will typically desire a siding option that provides them with the necessary durability while remaining low maintenance. Fiber cement is the best choice that can be made in these instances. Cement, sand and cellulose fibers are mixed, offering the sort of strength and durability that more high-maintenance options cannot match. All of the common wear and tear that would usually affect maintenance is handled more easily with fiber cement.

4. What is the new trend for siding?

2023 is right around the corner and homeowners will want to know about the latest trends in the world of siding. We will walk you through each of them, including fiber cement siding, vertical vinyl siding, unexpected color schemes, eco-friendly options, mixing and matching and the extension of indoor designs to the home’s exterior.

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