Moody two-storey Toronto home with wooden soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs

Soffit And Fascia Toronto

Not only do we ensure your new soffit and fascia look amazing but we also help you choose the perfect solutions to keep your home safe from water, pests, and other weather elements. Need help choosing colours that make your home stand out? We have plenty of colours and styles to choose from and can gladly help you narrow down your choices. We have a keen eye for detail and have the experience necessary to make each home as unique as possible.
Comfortable Toronto home with white aluminum eavestroughs
Eavestroughs, commonly referred to as gutters, are aluminum channels attached to the edge of your roof that collects and control water flow around your home. Highly-efficient gutters will protect your foundation, your basement, walkways and driveways from water damage and hazardous ice build-up.

We’re experienced and fully capable of installing:

5” k-style
6” k-style
5” high-volume box-style

Aluminum fascia capping is then installed on rake edges and underneath your new and improved eavestrough onto quality-crafted wooden boards in order to protect the wood from weathering and rotting. We also offer our customers the option of upgrading to a heavier gauge of steel to eliminate the need for oil canning the wavy appearance in sheet metal.

There are many benefits of aluminum soffits, particularly when it comes to improving the functionality and protecting your home from weather elements by naturally stabilizing your home’s internal temperature thanks to the help of ventilated panels. This will also help release the accumulation of hot air in your attic.

Have you had previous issues with unwanted critters making their way into your attic? Soffits naturally act as a barrier between critters and your attic, therefore, you can feel rest assured knowing your home’s exterior won’t be damaged from raccoons or skunks fighting their way in and making themselves at home! The panels are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.
Soffits can also provide an effective barrier between outside critters and your attic. Often when an animal makes a home somewhere in your home, it is often in the attic. This is often due to a lack of adequate fascia capping and/or soffit panels providing this essential barrier.
All of our aluminum rain-ware materials are supplied by Gentek building
Luxurious two-storey Toronto home & garage with peach aluminum siding


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