Fibre Cement Siding

Made primarily from silica sand, this non-combustible material hosts many benefits for both homes and commercial buildings. We install only the highest quality of fibre cement materials from the well-known brands James Hardie™ and Allura™.

Durability, Strength & Resistance

Our customers often ask us why we suggest fibre cement siding and there are a number of different reasons. The material offers flexibility in a way that it can mimic the appearance of wood without wood downfalls like rotting or splintering, it’s a non-combustible material meaning it will keep you and your family or employees safe, and it’s also weather-resistant and termite-resistant, therefore, you can feel rest assured knowing your home or commercial building will remain resilient and strong-standing for many years to come. Customers will also appreciate the various styles it comes in for all of their specific needs – planks, custom shingle style, panels, and more.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

  • Few styles to choose from such as plank style, shingle style, traditional board, batten style, and modern commercial panel style
  • Little maintenance required
  • The “king of non-combustibles” and perfect for specific building codes
  • Dent and scratch-resistant
  • A cost-effective solution for those with tight budgets
  • James Hardie™ and Allura™ are leading brands in the siding industry and have helped build millions of homes across the country


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